24 min 22 sec Tryout Video (963MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Terra introduces herself during open auditions and confidently tells the webmaster she's ready to prove that she can earn
herself a place on VideoTeasing along with all the other strong, sexy and confident women. He's doubtful at first but she
quickly makes his head spin when she gets into her sexy bikini ready to show she's got what it takes leaving him speechless!!,
Watch how she handles the tryout like a pro and passes the tests with a great smile and ease. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN and
MERCY. Also includes ARM WRESTLING where Terra humiliates the Webmaster with her strength as she puts him down Righty,
Lefty and even her hand against his two hands!! Surely her high heels and sexy bikini weakened and distracted him but her
great Biceps help her prove she's strong enough to put him down. Terra is a great sport and continues to shine as her ABS
take on punches with ease. Terra is full of energy as she sails through LIFT AND CARRY tests including: LEG PRESS, PIGGY
BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, and CRADLE CARRY!! Terra reluctantly goes along with the Webmaster's request to do the
SCISSOR HOLD test...not because she thinks she can't handle it but because she's afraid he won't be able to handle her strong
powerful squeeze. At his insistence, she squeezes his body and despite getting a sense of her leg strength, she puts his neck
in a hold at his request which he soon realizes was a huge mistake!! He struggles to loosen her leg grip which he can't break.
Before he knows it, he's recovering from seeing the stars while she rightfully celebrates making the site feeling proud of
showing she's got it all....strength, confidence, beauty and a desire to show it off.
Terra's Tryout Video
(includes Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Scissorholds, Lifts and Carries, Flexing, and more!)
Welcome to Terra Mizu's Page!
Hi, I'm Terra Mizu. I've done a lot of video shoots before but this one, by
far, has been the most fun I've ever had. Not only did I get a great
workout, I was able to wear my sexiest bikini and heels while proving
that I'm strong and can handle any strength test put my way. I have a
can-do attitude which certainly helps me build my confidence as well as
my physique. I hope you all will love my videos as I'm more than happy
to do more for my new fans and thanks for your support.
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Go Behind the Scenes and get a special peak at the writers
meeting prior to Terra's "Scissor/Arm/Lift Video". See the
story line unfold as Terra and the Webmaster discuss the
highlights of Terra's great talents and strengths that she will
show the fans in her video. Also includes EXTRA BONUS ARM
WRESTLING SCENE of Terra in her sexy school-girl outfit
taking the burglar down like a piece of cake while he's
humiliated by her power and strength. ALSO, Special
Schoolgirl Flexing and Posing Scene!!
Terra, a model and video producer had no idea her day would turn into a learning lesson for
a burglar but all that changed when he decided to break into her door. He felt her power as
she SCISSORED him to the point of submission and later offers him a way out if he wins in an
ARM WRESTLING MATCH where they go RIGHTY, LEFTY and his two hands against her one
hand in desperation but can't put her down no matter how much he tries!! She puts him back
in her powerful SCISSOR HOLD while he struggles to be set free. She gives him the choice
of going to jail or filling in for her girlfriend who couldn't make it to the video shoot. Having
no real choice, he reluctantly agrees to be LIFTED and CARRIED several ways including:  
CRADLE (where she picks him up from the floor!!), STRAIGHT UP, PIGGY-BACK,
fear but her strong powerful legs SCISSOR him more and  keep him from going anywhere.
Hopefully for his sake, the cops will show up to save him from this powerful strong beauty
who was more than happy to take matters into her own legs!!
--FREE Bonus!--
Terra's BTS and Extra Footage Video
7 minute Video
FREE! (with purchase of Terra's Burglar Video)
18 min 36 sec Tryout Video (694MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Schoolgirl Terra Lifts Scissors and
Armwrestles the Burglar
Terra REAL Strength Display and Interview Video
(includes Dead Lift, Head Scissors, Abs Punching, and Abs STANDING!)
Get to meet Terra as she's interviewed by the webmaster and watch her show off her true strength. She starts out with a
bang as she DEAD LIFTS his 185 pound body with ease!! She's recaps her amazing feats of strength from her previous
"Tryout" and "Lift/Scissor/Arm wrestle the burglar" videos and shares all about her background being a model and producer.
She's got a lot of strength and talent and explains her niche of satisfying her fans fantasies while respecting their safety by
not putting them in harms way with her full strength. She's learning new techniques from previous experiences and from the
more experienced models including Megan Jones. She shows the webmaster her SCISSORING moves including: CLASSIC
HEAD SCISSOR and FIGURE FOUR. Another specialty of Terra is her ABS. Not only taking ABS PUNCHING like a pro (which she
easily demonstrates with the webmaster) but ABS standing where she handles his entire body weight on her ABS with great
ease more than once!! (A feat he couldn't handle too well when she stood on his abs!!) After watching this video, you'll really
appreciate, just as the Webmaster did,  Terra's true talent and strength!!
15 min  21 sec  Video (496 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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Terra POSES and shows off her amazing BICEPS and draws you in closer and closer with each FLEX. Her
sexy tongue caresses each inch of her biceps and you can't help but get mesmerized watching her
amazing physique. Aren't you the lucky one!! Terra brings you into her world and LIFTS and CARRIES
YOU!! She's gorgeous in her bright pink bikini and black high heels. You experience her strength as
she lifts you with ease allowing you to be one on one with her getting her undivided attention as she
gives you all you've ever wanted. Wait until you see the view from on top of her shoulder and get to
feel her strength as she dead lifts you.....truly amazing!! Don't worry....she's got you safe within her
arms. Feel warm and happy as she cradle carries you making you feel comforted like never before!!
9 minute Video (265 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Terra's POV Lift and Worship Video
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26 Minute Video (973MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Terra's in danger of failing her class. Her professor, Mr. Armstrong, comes down hard on her for neglecting her studies
and distracting the boys in her very sexy school girl uniform. She explains she's desperate and will do whatever it takes
to pass. She tells him she's not book smart but that she can prove her dedication in other subjects, especially physical
education where she is the Arm Wrestling champ of her entire class!! Finding that hard to believe, he accepts her
proposal that if she can beat him in ARM WRESTLING, he'll pass her. The old professor quickly realizes that schoolgirl
Terra's sexiness has a lot of strength behind it as she repeatedly puts him down! In a moment of weakness, he
confesses his fantasy of being LIFTED and CARRIED by a beautiful strong young woman. For extra credit, Terra fulfills the
professor's dream and Lifts him several ways including: PIGGY BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, CRADLE,
BACK-TO-BACK, and DEADLIFT! She then takes him down like a feather in HER-game of MERCY. Being a sore loser, he
turns the tables on her telling her he's not giving her a passing grade after all. She quickly realizes it's time to "teach"
the teacher about keeping his word. She pins him down with a literal SCHOOLGIRL PIN and then SCISSORS him into
submission several ways, forcing him to continually up her grade to the one she wanted (A+)! Class dismissed!!  
Schoolgirl Terra Lifts Scissors and Armwrestles the Teacher!
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Terra's Body Worship Video
What are you looking at? A goddess? The most beautiful, sexy woman you've ever seen? Oh yes!! It's
ok...don't be shy. Terra knows and is encouraging you to stare at and worship her.
She shows off every inch of her amazing body but watch with caution because you just may burst from
excitement!! Includes a POV Lift & Carry where you can imagine being lifted and held up above by her
strong arms! Your appetite will be satisfied and you'll be speechless after watching this super sexy
video that's truly too good to be true!!
8 Minute Video (314MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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19 Minute Video (751MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Terra's Flex and Harass Video
Terra is eager to flex and show off her super strong and sexy physique. She's been getting her body
more fit than ever and wants all her fans to enjoy and admire her hard work. The Webmaster runs a new
BICEP STRAIGHTEN test by her while she's in her heels and not only does she handle it with greatest of
ease, she plays along, hoping he will leave her alone so she can do what she came to do....Flex and
Pose for the fans. He doesn't give up easily and keeps interrupting her with ARMWRESTLING (righty and
lefty), QUAD,ABS and Calf  PUNCHING and BICP PULLDOWN. His efforts get on her nerves and she does
whatever it takes to keep him from bothering her. She loses her patience and decides to subdue him by
CHOKE-HOLDING him, LIFTING him over her shoulder, as well as SCISSORING him, with her strong legs,
until his efforts to interrupt her are finally subdued. Terra poses over his limp body with great and
well-deserved confidence. She is powerful, strong and sexy and don't forget it!!  
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Check out where you can see more of Terra Mizu
31 Min 42 sec Video (1.08GB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Terra's Muscle and Strength Re-Certification Video
Terra makes her long-awaited return to the VideoTeasing stage and youll surely be as impressed (and probably more so) than ever!! Shes
been keeping up her strength and stamina but the Webmaster must follow protocol and recertify her to make sure shes on par with all the
amazing models on the site.
She goes along with his request and immediately impresses in her hot bathing suit which highlights her awesome, sexy physique!!
After passing her visual inspection, she excels in the strength tests including: ABS PUNCHING, BICEP PULL-DOWN, MERCY, BICEP
Full of energy, shes ready to ARMWRESTLE with great confidence. They go Righty, Lefty and every which way as her strength over powers,
exhausts and humiliates him!!
Next, Terra insists on stretching her leg muscles in prep for her lift and carry tests. Thinking it will be a piece of cake, he goes along with
her request to scissor his body as her warm-up. He soon realizes it was a mistake to honor her request when he finds himself feeling the
strength of her super strong thighs wrapped around his body and neck taking him to the point of nap time, leading to her being unable to
continue her tests. She takes charge of the situation with a victory LEG PRESS, as she rightfully so, declares shes officially re-qualified to
remain in the great company of the most amazing models on the site of all time!!
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Are you  looking at me? What do you like seeing the best? My nice, strong, big Biceps? Let me take you where
youve always dreamt of going. Look at my beautiful body. Uh oh...you are being very bad. I told you to look but
never said to touch. Now, Im gonna give you all youve wanted and more. Im taking over as I lift you above my
head and tease all your innermost desires to be with a beautiful, strong and voluptuous woman like me. A little
fear is just what you need in order to learn that this body is made to be admired and desired and will keep
giving you that craving  to reach out and touch....if only you were allowed....maybe in your dreams.   
NEW! - Terra's Look but Don't Touch POV Lift Video
5 Min 44 sec Video (226MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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