24 min 22 sec Tryout Video (963MB)
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Terra introduces herself during open auditions and confidently tells the webmaster she's ready to prove that she can earn
herself a place on the site along with all the other strong, sexy and confident women. He's doubtful at first but she quickly
makes his head spin when she gets into her sexy bikini ready to show she's got what it takes leaving him speechless!!,
Watch how she handles the tryout like a pro and passes the tests with a great smile and ease. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN
and MERCY. Also includes ARM WRESTLING where Terra humiliates the Webmaster with her strength as she puts him down
Righty, Lefty and even her hand against his two hands!! Surely her high heels and sexy bikini weakened and distracted him
but her great Biceps help her prove she's strong enough to put him down. Terra is a great sport and continues to shine as
her ABS take on punches with ease. Terra is full of energy as she sails through LIFT AND CARRY tests including: LEG
PRESS, PIGGY BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, and CRADLE CARRY!! Terra reluctantly goes along with the Webmaster's
request to do the SCISSOR HOLD test...not because she thinks she can't handle it but because she's afraid he won't be
able to handle her strong powerful squeeze. At his insistence, she squeezes his body and despite getting a sense of her
leg strength, she puts his neck in a hold at his request which he soon realizes was a huge mistake!! He struggles to loosen
her leg grip which he can't break. Before he knows it, he's recovering from seeing the stars while she rightfully celebrates
making the site feeling proud of showing she's got it all....strength, confidence, beauty and a desire to show it off.
NEW! - Terra's Tryout Video in Hi-Res
Welcome to Terra Mizu's Page!
Hi, I'm Terra Mizu. I've done a lot of video shoots before but this one, by
far, has been the most fun I've ever had. Not only did I get a great
workout, I was able to wear my sexiest bikini and heels while proving
that I'm strong and can handle any strength test put my way. I have a
can-do attitude which certainly helps me build my confidence as well as
my physique. I hope you all will love my videos as I'm more than happy
to do more for my new fans and thanks for your support.
Check out her Preview Teaser Here!