Welcome to Tia's Page!
(Biceps of Steel!)
Hi, I'm Tia, a physique bodybuilder training hard to look the way I do. Working
out builds my biceps and body and I just love the way it makes me feel! I used
to be afraid that pumping my biceps would make me lose my feminine side but
it turns out the just the opposite is true. I'm feminine, strong and very proud of
it! This site is the perfect avenue for me to show off my physique and muscle
strength. Looking forward to making many fans on the site.
Tia's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
w/Bicep Comparison and Pulldown
8 minute Flexing Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The webmaster and Hardbody Harley are on assignment at a bodybuilding show when they meet Tia, a physique level bodybuilder who's too good to be
true! She's without a doubt, a standout!! Her biceps are as big as mountains and her feminine quality is very attractive. She's a great sport and would
love nothing more than to flex her biceps and armwrestle the webmaster proving her bulging biceps aren't just for show. They go RIGHTY and LEFTY and
when the webmaster sees her strong arms won't budge, he tries two arms against her one without any success.  As a last resort to gain his dignity, he
attempts to pull down her flexed biceps leaving Tia no choice but to smirk incredulously at him!  Webmaster, next time you see a woman with a body and
biceps like Tia's, don't be tempted....just walk the other way or risk being humiliated by a beautiful and super strong woman all over again!
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