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NEW! - Tiara's Mini-Tryout Video
On his last day of the convention, the Webmaster is surprised when he runs into Tiara and sees
shes hiding some muscle under her sleeves. With not much time in his schedule, he sets up a
mini-tryout with her and is impressed from beginning to end. He gets a good sense of her strength
OVER-THE-SHOULDER and  CRADLE)   Includes Behind The Scenes added bonus footage where
Tiara shows her true strength during a100% REAL ArmWrestling match with the Webmaster. Tiara is
pumped and ready to do more when she meets the Webmaster again in the future. Until then,
watch this video and youll be asking her to come back too.
11 min 33 sec Video (450MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, Im Tiara. I wouldn't call myself a "model" like the others at the
convention but I would say I'm a STRONG FIT Girl who loves to work out!  
I think I shocked the webmaster when I unveiled my biceps and shocked
him even more when I Lifted and Carried him around the convention and
beat him for REAL in Armwrestling!  He may not have thought at first I was
going to pass his mini-tryout, but I knew I had it all along!
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