Welcome to Too-Tough Tish's Page
Hi I'm Tish, and I love test my strength against men.  When I sent in my audition video challenging
the webmaster I knew he wouldn't be much competition but it was fun toying with him and seeing
him struggle against my superior strength. What I didn't expect was that another stronger guy
would challenge me in the weight room while we were filming who I had to put in his place!
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Tish submits a video challenge which the Webmaster takes her up on and turns it into a Tryout for VideoTeasing. Tish
has an incredibly athletic and muscular physique (especially her biceps and calves) which she uses to her advantage
to totally dominate  and humiliate the webmaster in all the challenges (armwrestling, lift/carry, abs punching, etc).  
They then go to the weight room where Tish shows off how much she can  curl when a very smug and arrogant guy
interrupts and belittles Tish resulting in another arm wrestling challenge!
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