The Wimpy Webmaster groggily awakens in the gym from a previous shoot he had with AlexisLuna, only to
find world famous session wrestler Tomiko working out!  After a brief conversation, Tomiko agrees to meet
Wimpy back later in the day to take the VideoTeasing tryout.  Tomiko has great biceps, shapely legs, and an
irresistible and seductive smile which she uses throughout the shoot to her advantage.  To make it even
more humiliating for Wimpy, Tomiko takes her Tryout in a short skirt and heels looking more like a sexy
secretary! After flexing her biceps while toying with Wimpy in Armwrestling, they move on to abs punching
and then the scissorhold test where she actually makes Wimpy use the safe word that they agreed he would
use if he was in real trouble!  Lift and Carries come next which turns out to be a piece of cake even though
the Webmaster is much taller and heavier (Cradle, Piggyback, Back to Back, and Fireman's).  Totally
exhausted, Wimpy realizes the only thing he could do now is simply worship Tomiko as she flexes (with a
smile on her face) her victorious muscles!
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Tomiko's Muscle and Strength Tryout
Hello and thank you for visiting my profile. I have been in the session
wrestling business for quite some time now. When I was young, I always
liked rough housing with the guys and I think that is where my interest
started. After my first session, I realized that this was something I really
enjoyed doing. I have been fortunate to have a lot of repeat clients. I try to
make the session fun and comfortable. I tend to smile a lot and laugh…kind
of my personality. That is a good indication that I am really enjoying the
session. I work as a model and actress, so I am really comfortable with
taking pics and doing video. I am also really into role play.
28 min 4 sec  (1GB) mp4 format
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Welcome to Tomiko's Page!
Check out Tomiko's SessionGirls Page Here!
Tomiko's Bicep and Leg Tease

Tomiko teases you with her biceps, legs, and sexy talk until you cant
take anymore.  In fact, this video is so hot, the cameraman even
starts breathing heavily!  You can tell Tomiko really loves
encouraging you to enjoy her muscle as she flexes her biceps over
and over again and talks about the shapeliness of her legs and the
bulge of her biceps!
Tomiko Lifts YOU Over Her Head with One Arm (POV)

Tomiko knows you've been checking her out.  Well, she's going to give
you a real treat and show you just how strong she really is.  She's going
to lift you over her head with one arm (in heels) and flex her bicep with
the other.  Enjoy the view from above! Tomiko knows you're frightened
but excited at the same time!  When she puts you down, she's nice
enough to let you worship and kiss her bicep
6 min 26 sec Bicep and Leg Tease Video (257MB) mp4 format
4 min 19 sec POV Lift Video (171MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Tomiko's Video Package 1
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