Welcome to TQ's Page!
Hi, I'm TQ. I've been muscular my entire life. Being from the Midwest,
I'm one of a few in my town who looks the way I do. I certainly stand
out when I'm out in public and instead of it making me feel different,
it makes me feel prouder than ever!! So cool I was able to submit my
audition video and do a video call showing off my muscle for all the
fans to admire and enjoy. Hope I can meet the Webmaster in person
one day so he can truly FEEL how strong my muscle is. Oh, and did I
mention I can do an INSANE trick with my abs!!
NEW! - TQ's Flexing Audition and Skype Interview Videos
The Webmaster looks far and wide for the next best bicep babe and he surely found her this time!! From across
the miles, he discovers TQ, who's more than up to the challenge to prove she should earn the next spot on the
site. They do an interview via Skype and she seals the deal when she further submits an all-impressive Audition
Flexing Video. She's gorgeous with a smoking hot body!! Her BICEPS are amazing and go along with her
washboard ABS!! She FLEXES and POSES, showing off her best moves with well-deserved confidence!!  She
does a "VACUUM" with her ABS which brings out and defines her perfect 6 pack, a talent which not too many can
do. On top of that, she further shows off her perfectly toned ABS with a nauli yoga move which is absolutely
incredible!! She's perfect in every way including her long LEGS, strong CALVES, powerful QUADS, cute GLUTES,
pumped BICEPS and more!! Who knew they make them as perfect as this and lucky for the fans, we found her!!
8 minute Flexing Audition Video
11 minute Skype Interview Video
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