Welcome to Tough Ty's Page!
Hi, Iím Ty. I met the Wimpy Webmaster while I was at a restaurant. He was
impressed by my physique and asked me to be a model of this site. I enjoy
showing off my physique and strength. Iím not only sexy but Iím strong.
Working out at the gym and eating right has been the key to showing that a
woman can be sexy and strong without compromising her feminine appeal.
Come check me out and youíll surely see that strength, beauty and
confidence is the perfect winning combination!!!
The wimpy webmaster approaches a very fit woman named Ty at a Salad Bar Buffet restaurant and actually gets her to FLEX her BICEPS
for him as he explains the website to her. Even more unbelievable, Ty  ARMWRESTLES and humiliates wimpy right there at the table to
show that she is strong enough to be on his site.  Totally blown away by her muscle and strength, the two go outside after the meal, where
Ty further shows off her Amazing Abs and Crazy Leg Muscles. Lets hope she does more muscle modeling for us in the future!
NEW! - Wimpy meets Strong Muscle Woman Ty
13 min 21 sec Video
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NEW! - Ty's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pull-Down, Scissorholds, Game of Mercy, Lift and
Carries, Flexing/Posing and more!)
NEW! - Ty's Flexing Video
You can really tell Ty is very proud of her muscular
physique in this very sexy flexing video in which she
shows off her amazing abs, biceps, and legs!
The Wimpy Webmaster meets Ty at her house after he discovers this sexy strong beauty at a restaurant.
Ty tells Wimpy with confidence, that her great strength is no match to his. Wimpy insists on putting Ty
through his usual tests to see if she can be a model on his site. Included lifts: PIGGY BACK/BACK TO
tests including: ABS PUNCHING test, BICEP PULLDOWN, GAME OF MERCY. Youíd think after all this testing,
Wimpy would just realize Ty is more than qualified to be on his site. Instead, he challenges her to
ARMWRESTLE him. She quickly shows him just how strong her biceps are. Poor WimpyÖ.heís getting
tired. Ty begins to have fun showing off her strength and she asks Wimpy to test her more. She is very
proud of her physique and strength and she insists on showing  Wimpy how strong her muscular legs
really are. Wimpy quickly learns how powerful Tyís quads are as she pins him with BODY and HEAD
SCISSOR holds.  See how Ty officially becomes a model on VT. You donít want to miss this.
4 min 23 sec  Flexing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Ty's
Tryout Video)
28 minue Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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