Welcome to Veve Lane's Page!
Hi, I'm Veve, and when you have muscle like me, you kinda get used to guys
coming up and asking me to flex and to touch my biceps.  But not many guys
are actually stupid enough to challenge me in a crowded room to an
armwrestling match.  I just hope that the thrill Mr. Wimpy got from feeling my
power made up for the public humiliation that I put him  through!
9 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
When the Wimpy Webmaster approached this woman at an alternative modeling cocktail party -
he did not realize that this was the World Famous Veve Lane, owner of some of the world's sexiest
and most peaked biceps ever seen on a woman.  Being the nice woman that she is, Veve was
more than happy to put on a little bicep flexing show for our wimpy friend.  The webmaster then
decided to push his luck and challenge Veve to an armwrestling match in front of everyone!  BIG
MISTAKE as Veve teased, trash talked, and taunted the wimpy loser into seeing how silly he was
by thinking he could take down a woman whose biceps aretwice the size of his!
NEW! - Veve's Armwrestling/Flexing Video
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