Welcome to Victorious Vicki's Page!
Hi, I'm Vicki. Trying out for VideoTeasing has been the most fun I've
ever had!! Goes to show that hard work at the gym does pay off. I've
always been proud of my physique and strength and finally I have the
chance to show it off. I love bringing the element of surprise to anyone
doubting that a petite girl like me  can be strong for real. I may be a
beauty on the outside but I'm a powerhouse on the inside. I'm so glad
to be a model on the site and I'm excited to make many new fans.
43 minute Tryout Video - EXTRA LONG VIDEO!!
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The Webmaster was in for a surprise when he met Vicki. She shows up for her tryout with great confidence. She may look petite
but she certainly has brawn. From the moment the Tryout begins, Vicki proves she can handle any challenge. Although she feels
sympathy for beating him in ARMWRESTLING she's proud to prove she's strong enough to take him down...even when she only
uses two fingers. Vicki is on a roll as she's able to Lift & Carry the Webmaster with ease. To top it off,  she proves she can lift Tim,
a man ten pounds heavier than Wimpy!! Lifts include: Piggy Back, Cradle, Over the Shoulder, Fireman's, Back to Back, Leg Press.
Vicki is so excited to show off her strength and is happy to show she can beat TIm in ARMWRESTLING also. Not only does she put
Tim down, but when the Webmaster takes another shot at beating her, both men try to use their strength at the same time..the
only thing that gets bruised is their egos!! Vicki shows she's tough all around as she easily passes the ABS PUNCHING test. Poor
Wimpy may need his hand x-rayed. After the men recover, they foolishly challenge Vicki to Head Scissor them, just after she
proves her strong legs can squeeze 160 pounds of pressure on the scale.. Silly men....haven't they learned? Tim taps out right
away and Wimpy volunteers to be her next victim. Wimpy swears he won't tap out no matter what. Vicki squeezes Wimpy in a
head scissor and follows his request to keep her hold no matter how much he taps. Wimpy starts seeing stars and before he
knows it, he's out cold!! Upon waking up from dreamland, he's sees a fit, sexy, strong beauty towering over him. After a few
gentle reminders of just doing the tryout, he gives her the good news that she made the site.
Vicki's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Head Scissoring, Abs Punching, and much more!)
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Vicki's proud to show off her beautiful strong, feminine physique. She pumps her
biceps with a dumbbell and shows she can do many reps in a row. Watch as her
biceps begin to slowly bulge. Vicki demonstrates her level of fitness by doing
pushups while her strong legs support her from a chair. She shows off more of
her fitness talent by doing pushups while clapping in-between each rep. It's
obvious that her body is in perfect condition and peak shape!! All done in Sexy
Stiletto heels! She's amazing!!
Vicki's Fitness Flexing Video
Vicki's Behind the Scenes of the
Tryout Video
The Webmaster wants to get a feel of Vicki's TRUE strength before they
begin the Tryout video shoot in order to find out what her real abilities
and limitations are. Turns out she has NO LIMITATIONS!  See what
happens when the Webmaster tests her LIFTING ABILITIES, ABS
Vicki's Fitness Flexing and Behind the Scenes Videos
8 min 25 sec Behind the Scenes Video
7 min 33 sec Fitness and Flexing Video
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
7 min 33 sec Fitness Flexing Video
8 min 25 sec Behind the Scenes Video
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20 minute Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Vicki's 2 on 1 Armwrestling Video
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Vicki was fabulous in proving her strength during her tryout and was invited back to VT headquarters. This time Vicki shows
off her strength by not only armwrestling the webmaster, but she also proves she's tough enough to take two guys on at the
same time! Wimpy tries his luck at putting Vicki's arm down, and although he never gives up trying, he just can't succeed in
winning a match. Tim, whom Vicki also put down in her tryout video, is back to gain his manhood too. It doesn't help the men
when she distracts them with her beautiful physique and sexy high heels. Both men attempt to push down her strong biceps
and even try to win by teaming up against her. Watch Vicki take on both guys with ease while proving that once again, she's
the undefeated champion which she gladly accepts while doing a victorious Vicki pose!
27 min 49 sec Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Vicki's 2 on 1 Lift and Carry Video
Vicki returns in this MUST SEE video to prove that she is, in fact, the ultimate LIFT & CARRY champion!! Vicki impresses by
doing lifts with ease. She lifts the webmaster as though he's light as a feather. She's ready for a bigger challenge and lifts a
larger, more muscular guy all while smiling and having fun showing nothing will bring her down.  Lifts include: PIGGY BACK,
which can only be done by the strongest of VT girls!! As an added bonus to her fans, VIcki goes above and beyond by proving
her ULTIMATE strength by doing amazing rarely before seen on VT, 2 on 1 lifts!!
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