Welcome to VickyVix's Page!
Hi guys, Iím the famous foot queen,
Goddess VickyVix. Iím venturing out and
exploring peopleís interests. Iím excited
to enter the world of muscle worship and
admiration. I really enjoyed exploring this
during my tryout with the webmaster!!
Surely my videos will be as exhilarating
for you as they were for me!!
NEW! - VickyVix's Tryout Video with
Behind the Scenes Video
26 min 13 sec Tryout Video (1GB)
8 min 54 sec BTS Video (355MB)
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---Tryout Video---
Goddess VickyVix re-unites with the webmaster after meeting him many years ago. Sheís more than
ready to show off all the power she has beneath her amazing and sexy physique!! Her feet are world-
famous and after her tryout, her muscle and strength will be too!!        Includes: ARM-WRESTLING, BICEP-
FIREMANíS, LEG-PRESS). The final test that seals her name to join all the models on the site is the
SCISSOR-TEST. After squeezing his neck with her strong thighs, she takes things a little too far and
celebrates her victory by doing a very powerful REVERSE SCISSOR around his neck, leaving him, dazed
and confused. VickyVix will surely leave you a bit light headed from satisfaction after watching her
amazing tryout video....youíve never seen or experienced so much sexiness and power in one video.

--- BTS Video ---
Go Behind the Scenes as the Webmaster preps Vicky for her Tryout.  Watch as they go through the
different LIFTS to see which ones to include in the video. See Vicky apply a REAL Scissorhold to test if
she could make the Webmaster tap and hear her talk about what its like to knock out guys for real during
her Scissor sessions!  Her Abs are also tested during this BTS video.
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