Welcome to Victoria the Honey Badger's Page!
Hi fans, I’m Victoria AKA “Honey Badger” (cute on the outside
and a ball of energy and fire on the inside!!). I’m really into
fitness and keeping my body strong and fit. I’m proud of my
physique and am super excited to show off my hard work
being a model on the site. I had a great time meeting up with
the Webmaster. I’m confident you’ll enjoy what you see and
can’t wait to do more for all the fans in the future.  
30 min 55 sec Tryout Video (1.19GB)  mp4 format
5 min 43 sec Bonus Flexing Video (218MB)  mp4 format
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Victoria's Tryout Video w/Free Flexing Bonus!
The webmaster meets an amazingly, super fit, strong and beautiful woman named Victoria. She’s very excited to learn that if she proves
that her strength matches her gorgeous, fit physique, she’ll earn herself a spot on the site. She’s ready and open to any challenges put
her way as she’s confident she can handle it all and more!!
They get right to it with a dumbbell curling test, where she giggles when asked to lift the lighter weight ones. She moves to the heavier
ones with ease and only one feeling the challenge is the webmaster. She confesses that she’s super strong for real and can dead-lift
360 pounds. She proves she’s not all talk by easily DEAD-LIFTING the webmaster like a toy, with the greatest of ease. She’s on a roll and
Lifts the webmaster and then her bodybuilding boyfriend several ways including: CRADLE, PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-
Victoria’s energy is endless and she handles more strength challenges including, MERCY, BICEP PULL-DOWN and ARM-WRESTLING
where she takes the webmaster and her boyfriend down like a pro!!
There’s even more to be impressed with as she handles the ABS punching test with a big smile.
She’s almost to the Audition finish line and her final test is a show of her leg strength which is no obstacle for her at all!! Her boyfriend
volunteers to take one for the guy team. She squeezes her super strong thighs around his neck and he quickly learns her strength is no
joke!! Looks like she’s his boss now and also earns herself a well-deserved spot as the newest model on the site!!
Victoria gives us a special bonus treat. Her sexy bikini top
looks amazing on her and brings out her naturally
beautiful feminine physique. She selfie- flexes her
muscles of steel in front of the mirror with great pride for
all to admire!! It’s your lucky day fans....this one’s for you!!
Victoria's Flexing Bonus!
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26 min 27 sec Video (1.03GB) mp4 format
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Victoria's Muscle and Strength at the Fitness Expo
(w/Flexing and Posing, Lift and Carries, and 2 on 1 Armwrestling, Pull-up challenges and more)
It’s a lucky day when the webmaster runs into Victoria at a Fitness expo where she proudly spends time with him, showing off her
strength and amazing physique. She warms up her strong muscles with impressive pull-ups!!! OMG, watch her go!! She’s full of
energy and ready to do more. She gladly takes the webmaster’s arm-wrestling challenge and from the start, it’s obvious her
muscles outrank his, even when he uses two hands-and later on, her two fingers against his entire hand to attempt, and fail to
bring down her super-strong biceps. After seeing he’s the only one that’s exhausted, he taps out and calls in Victoria’s body
builder boyfriend to attempt to get a win for the guys. From his looks, there’s no way she can win, but they quickly realize her
muscles are strong enough to bring him down and then leaves them speechless by taking them both on and taking them both
down at the same time! Proudly showing off more of her strength, she shows BICEP-PULLDOWN doesn’t phase her one bit and
energizes her even more as she Lifts and Carries the guys several ways, with ease, including: PIGGY-BACK, OVER-THE-
SHOULDER, FIREMAN’S, CRADLE and DEAD-LIFT!! She graces us with her strength even more, doing more pull-up challenges at
the expo with greatest of ease!! She flexes and poses as her grand- finale with well-deserved confidence and pride!! Victoria’s
certainly one of a kind, quickly becoming a true legend and fan favorite on the site!!
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15 minute Video (549MB) mp4 format
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15 minute Video (509MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Victoria's Lift and Carry Video
Victoria's Armwrestling Video
The beautiful, Honey Badger-Victoria is back to show off her great
and powerful strength, especially her ability to lift and carry the
Webmaster with the greatest of ease along with the most amazing
flexing of her awesome muscle that you’ve ever seen!!
She’s set and ready to go.
FIREMAN’S, CRADLE and DEADLIFT!! She’s proves she’s a super
machine by showing she’s got endless energy when she goes on
to also lift her boyfriend several ways without losing an ounce of
strength!! She’s truly Amazing!!
She’s up for the task and ready to show off her strength, when re-challenged
to an ARMWRESTLING match by the Webmaster in an attempt to get his
confidence back after embarrassingly losing to her when they first met. They
go Righty, Lefty but it just leads him to failure each time. Her tough boyfriend
steps in to get a win for the guys but he’s next on her chopping block too!! In
a last ditch effort, they team up together and fail miserably against her super
muscle strength along with the Webmaster trying and failing to wear her out
with a game of MERCY (and Bicep Mercy) ARM-TO-ARM TUG OF WAR and first
ever BICEP-STRAIGHTENING (where they try to break her bicep flex pose)
Come on guys....give it up!! Victoria’s powerhouse biceps will take you down
each time!!
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5 min 11 sec Video (295MB) mp4 format
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Victoria Lifts YOU Video (POV)
Victoria needs to lift a heavy weight and volunteers you to help her out. You’re trembling but
don’t worry....she’s got you safe in her strong, muscular arms!! Enjoy the ride and consider
yourself a lucky guy!! Wow....what an amazing view!! You can see and feel each curve of her
beautiful muscle and can’t help but admire every inch leaving you absolutely breathless!!  
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