Welcome to Vivacious Violet's Page!
Hi, I'm Violet. I heard about open auditions for VideoTeasing and I knew it
was my big opportunity to show off my very feminine physique and my
amazonian strength. The webmaster was a bit tongue tied when he first
met me. He didn't expect someone like me to show up at his door. My
distraction technique and special pec flexing talent have helped me in my
every day life but once I proved that I'm strong for real, my spot on VT was
NEW! - Violet's Tryout Video
(w/Lift & Carry, Armwrestling, Mercy, Bicep Pulldown, Abs Punching, Scissorholds, Pec Flexing, and more)
Violet, a busty babe shows up during open auditions. She's confident and ready to prove that she's perfect for the site. The
webmaster can see that she's very attractive but he's doubtful she'll be able to pass his strength tests. Violet is happy to prove him
wrong and quickly shocks him by showing not only is she attractive but that she is also strong. Throughout the audition, Violet uses
her incredible muscle control talent of flexing her busty chest, a constant distraction to the Webmaster. Violet sails through the
ARMWRESTING challenge while her chest proves to take Wimpy's strength away.  Wimpy is shocked by her strength while at the
same time he's tongue tied and weakened by her busty figure. (apparently her two secret weapons!!). Violet shows her legs are
tough as nails by passing all the LIFT & CARRY tests including: Back-to Back, Piggy Back, Fireman's, Cradle, and Leg Press. As soon
as Wimpy recovers from the lift tests, he attempts the ABS PUNCHING and BICEP PULLDOWN tests with Violet, but she isn't phased
at all and just laughs. Violet decides it's time to show wimpy who's boss and she locks him in a body scissor. She appears to be
enjoying herself and watches him struggle as he begs to be released from the grips of her monster thighs. Just as he thinks he's
free, she uses her final move of a head scissor. Before he knows it, Wimpy comes back to reality not knowing if he's in heaven or on
earth while this busty angel towers over him as she proudly can say she's certainly perfect for the site.
33 min 24 sec Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Violet's Tryout Video w/Behind the Scenes Extras
33 min 24 sec Tryout Video
12 min 42 sec Behind the Scenes Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
**Behind the Scenes extras include the webmaster prepping Violet for her Lift and Carry, Abs
Punching, and Scissor scenes to determine her actual strength.  Also watch in amazement as Violet  
demonstrates and talks about her special pec flexing talents!