Welcome to Whitney Wonderful's Page!
Hi, I'm Whitney. I'm active, energetic and work out all the time. Seeing
isn't always believing as you wouldn't expect me to have shocking
biceps but boy I do!  I've always been the one with the strongest
muscles in school and I still surprise everyone as I watch their jaw
drop when I flex. I'm excited to make a lot of fans and to do many great
videos of me flexing and showing my strength
Whitney is a one of a kind. Her petite frame holds some of the biggest biceps we've seen for a woman her size. Her bicep flexing
is so shocking that the webmaster couldn't wait to meet her in person so she submitted an audition video to him for immediate
release to the fans. She's got a fantastic warm smile and just loves flexing for the fans. She shows off her biceps with one
artistically tattooed and the other one simple and pure. Both of her biceps make a great pair and her flexing will certainly leave
you speechless. Whitney also shows off her physique including her calves, legs and strength as she does a few push-ups for her
new fans. Watch her video to get a glimpse of this amazing woman and her remarkable and surprising biceps!
Additional Bonus: The webmaster interviews Whitney and she shares her likes with the fans. Get to know her and learn why the
webmaster immediately put her on the site for all the fans to see.
NEW! - Whitney's Bicep Flexing Audition Video
w/ Interview Bonus Video
11 minute  10 sec Tryout Video
4 minute 50 sec Bonus Interview Video
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