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NEW! - Zarra's Flexing and Armwrestling Video (Hi Res)
The webmaster is shooting on location at a fitness show looking for his next model.  It's his lucky day when he
meets the beautiful and strong Zarra relaxing and enjoying the Florida sunshine. His trained eye can see she's
got great biceps underneath her muscular physique and just one flex proves he's right. It's not enough to look
strong and be beautiful to be a model on the site but the models have to show real strength also. To qualify
her for a full VideoTeasing tryout he puts her through a few tests which shows her impressive strength
including:  BICEP PULLDOWN and ARM WRESTLING . Zarra certainly impressed the webmaster during her
interview and needless to say she's gorgeous and strong with great confidence which is well deserved!!
11 minute Hi Res Flex and Armwrestle Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Hi Guys, I'm Zarra. I'm a former Figure competitor who loves to
play and work hard!  I'm proud of my physique and my
strength and love showing it off (especially my guns and
thighs!). I'm proof that women can be strong and feminine and
can keep up with the guys any day of the week.  
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