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Hi I'm Emily and besides being an MMA fighter, I am a pro athlete who has competed in
many cross-fit athletic competitions. So I was a bit shocked when some wimpy guy
came up to me after I ran an obstacle course and challenged me to arm wrestle him!
Exhausted and dead-tired, I've never been one to turn down a challenge!
The Wimpy Webmaster, out recruiting at the Europa Fitness and Sports Expo, spots an amazlngly hot and
muscle toned athlete (Emily) running the very strenuous obstacle course.  So impressed by her, he just had to
tell her about VideoTeasing and asked if she would do some bicep flexing.  Emily obliged and then even
consented to an armwrestling match right there at the convention!!  Although still exhausted from her
competition, at one point Emily still managed to beat our wimpy loser using only 2 fingers while throwing a little
trash talk in for good measure!