Welcome to Magical Mya's Page!
Hi I'm Mya and I am 5'8" and a former collegiate basketball player. I
really didn't want to embarrass the webmaster by beating him in all
his strength challenges but he left me no choice as I had to show
him just as how strong I was in order to be on his site.  He was not
the first man to be shocked to see how strong and athletic I am and
I'm sure he won't be the last!
--HD Flexing Bonus--
Mya's Flexing Video in Hi-Res!
NEW! - Mya's Tryout Video in Hi-Res!
Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, Bicep Pulldown, Lift/Carry and more!)
Mya shows off her sexy athletic solidly-built physique
in heels as she flexes and poses in HD
The wimpy webmaster finds Mya in an Orlando hotel lobby where he explains to her about the
website.  He then meets up with her later on in the hotel workout room to evaluate her physique
and strength.  Quite impressed, he invites her back to his room for a Strength test tryout which
includes Armwrestling (which Mya has a lot of fun with at Wimpy's expense!), a few punches to
the Abs, Game of Mercy, Bicep Pulldown challenge, and then to top it off, Mya piggybacks him,
cradles him, Leg Presses him to leave no doubt that she is definitely VideoTeasing material.
3 min 30 sec Flexing Video
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20 minute Tryout Video
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