Welcome to Ninja Naomi's Page
Hi, I'm Naomi, I was born in Japan and moved to USA 10 years ago,  I am
fluent in Japanese and English and l just recently got back into the gym
again.  As you can see, I have solid peaked biceps which I hope to
improve on even more now that I know how much Americans appreciate
Women with Muscle!  My goal is to become stronger and more ripped..  
Naomi's Car Flex Video
18 minute Car Flex Video
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The webmaster notices a  Hot Asian Muscle Girl waiting at the bus stop, and knowing she would be great on
VideoTeasing, offers to take her to her destination.  Meanwhile, this gives the webmaster an opportunity to
watch her  flex her biceps in the car the whole way there and what an AMAZING BICEP she has!
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Naomi's Tryout Video
(Lift/Carry, Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Scissoring, Bicep Squeeze and Pull-Down challenges, Mercy and more!)
32 minute Tryout Video
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Naomi proves in her Tryout video that those amazingly peaked biceps are not just for show.  She is strong  and we mean really
strong!!  With a sexy quiet confidence, she passes all of Wimpy's arm challenges, including armwresting, bicep pull-down,
dumbell curling, bicep-to-bicep squeeze, and more.  But if that wasn't enough, Naomi also proves she has Abs that can take a
mean punch and Legs of Steel which she used to crush Wimpy's head with.  In addition, she did all the lift and carries with total
ease (piggyback, front cradle, over the shoulder, firemans carry,  back-to-back and leg press).  Naomi also flexes her biceps
throughout all of her challenges as she becomes more and more proud of her peaked biceps and all-around amazing physique!
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Naomi's Bicep Flexing Package 1 in Hi-Res
12 min 26 sec Flexing Video
Naomi takes her biceps to the park as she first pumps them up with some
dumbell curls before she blows the webmaster away with some amazing
muscle control as she "pops" her biceps up and down like a beating heart!!
She's definitely been practicing since her first video!!
Naomi's Indoor Flex
9 min 43 sec Flexing Video
In her first Bicep Flexing video, Naomi shows off her incredible peaks as she
flexes and poses in a very sexy Black Bikini top.
Naomi's Bicep Flexing Package 1
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Naomi's Outdoor Flex
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Naomi's Lift and Carry Video 1 in Hi Res
7 min 40 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Busty Bicep Babe Ninja Naomi meets the 6 foot 175 pound webmaster in the park in her  bikini top
and shorts to lift and carry him in a variety of ways.  Proving that her biceps are not just for show,
and with a smile on her face, she easily hoists the webmaster over her shoulder, cradles him,
piggybacks him (regular and back-to-back).  Turns out she LOVES to Lift!
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Naomi's Flex and Armwrestle Video
12 min 32 sec Flex and Armwrestle Video
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Naomi flexes and pops her amazing biceps better than ever in the first part of the video and then
show that her babies are not just for show as she easily takes down the wimpy webmaster without
really putting much effort into it and hardly noticing he's using two hands!  Naomi just keeps on
getting stronger and her biceps are getting even more defined!
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Naomi makes a surprising and long awaited appearance after her four year absence! Remarkably, she's in great shape and her biceps are stronger and
bigger than ever! Naomi proves she still has what it takes to be on the site and easily passes all of the re-certification tests the webmaster puts her
through. Included: ARMWRESTLING (in which she puts his entire hand down with her two fingers), BICEP PULLDOWN & MERCY. The webmaster is clearly
impressed with Naomi's biceps and after inspecting them, he admits they are natural and not implants.  After measuring her rock solid biceps, he's
speechless after seeing with his own eyes that her biceps grow a full 2 and 1/2 inches when she flexes! Naomi is proud to flex and indeed she should.
Watch her biceps pulsate like a heartbeat...up and down! Her biceps will certainly impress you as much as they impressed the webmaster. Welcome
back Naomi....Glad your Biceps have returned to VT.
26 minute Video
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Naomi's Return to VideoTeasing
Ninja Naomi returns and is ready to show she's still as strong as ever and worthy to remain on the site. The Webmaster sees she looks great
but he must put her through a recertification to make sure she's kept up with her strength also. Tests include: ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty
and his TWO HANDS against her one hand), MERCY, BICEP PULLDOWN, and a  DUMBBELL CURLING CONTEST. She's well on her way, passing
her tests and doesn't lose any energy when put to the Lift and Carry tests including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY BACK, STRAIGHT UP,
OVER THE SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, CRADLE and LEG-PRESS! As a final test, he sees if her legs are strong enough to make him tap out in a
Scissor Hold. Sure enough, he quickly learns her thighs are super strong as she puts him in a BODY SCISSOR making him tap out from the
pressure. At his request, she locks his head with her thighs in a HEAD SCISSOR leaving him feeling sorry he ever questioned her strength. She
squeezes him leaving him in awe of her strength. Welcome back Naomi.
BONUS: Grip Strength Scene. Naomi RIPS AN APPLE IN HALF with her BARE HANDS!! She's the first model to ever do this! There are a lot of
strong women on the site but even the producers were shocked when she did this amazing feat of strength!! Also includes using a
dynamometer to test her grip strength...watch to find out her impressive score.  
Naomi's Recertification Video
Armwrestling, Lift and Carry, Scissorholds, Dumbell Curling,Mercy, Bicep Pull-Down, Flexing, Grip Strength Measuring, and Apple Ripping!
23 min 27sec Video
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Naomi showcases her strong shapely biceps for all the fans to admire. Watch in awe as she flexes and curls a heavy dumb bell and
pops her perfect biceps!! Get up close to her muscles and admire them all you want....you'll keep watching and wishing you were
able to touch them. Naomi is a strong, sexy, confident woman who loves showing off her amazing physique. Watch this video to see
why her fans are overjoyed that she and her biceps returned to VideoTeasing, stronger than ever!!
NEW! - Naomi's Flex and Curl Video
10 min 35 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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