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21 min 25 sec Tryout Video
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Rochelle's Tryout Video
armwrestling, piggyback, mercy, flexing/posing
The wimpy webmaster's jaw almost hit the floor when he saw this solidly-built beauty walking
outdoors and knew he had to recruit her to be the next VT model. The video includes armwrestling,
piggyback, mercy, flexing/posing - all highlighted by the most AMAZING BUTT ever seen!)
Hi I'm Rochelle,  and I don't think I have to tell you what part of my body guys
stare at the most.  I love to play it up by wearing tight dresses and teasing
guys when I walk.  I am also very strong as the webmaster found out. I
usually keep my strength to myself as I don't like to intimidate people, but if I
have to display my power I will, as I did in my VideoTeasing Tryout video
which I know you'll enjoy.
NEW! - Gabrielle meets Rochelle Video
17 minute Video
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See how Gabrielle was discovered when she interrupted Rochelle's Shoot after peaking through the window to
admire Rochelle's Rear.  One thing led to another and Gabrielle proved that she could be on VideoTeasing too.  
Besides seeing Rochelle pose, you will see Gabrielle flex her beautiful biceps, Gabrielle arm wrestle the wimpy
webmaster, Gabrielle arm wrestle Rochelle, and Rochelle bodyscissor Gabrielle!!
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